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Museum consultations

How does CITRC plan and schedule consultations?

The Committee decided that visits to museums should be made by teams of Committee members or other tribal representatives, consultants, or elders. Past Perfect museum database software is used for recording inventories, information acquired from consultations, and digital images. In no case would a visit be made with less than two Committee members. Human remains would not be viewed by tribal members, but only by non-Indian representatives.

Museums are contacted by telephone to set appointments for visits. These conversations are followed up with letters of confirmation, lists of objects to be viewed, copies of letters authorizing tribal repatriation representatives, and information about how the Committee determines provenience on objects. This information includes maps showing the participating tribes' geographical territory, alternative names and designations for tribes, and specific information about objects that meet NAGPRA criteria.

Committee members are signed on as team members to participate in visits. The team takes equipment for slide and digital photography, video taping, and audio recording as needed. Gloves for handling objects are also included.

Follow-up Information after a Museum Visit



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