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Museum Consultations

What are the follow-up procedures after museum visits?

Written reports are prepared following each visit. These reports include evaluations of individual objects; notations regarding further investigation; and lists of catalog and accession records, field notes, photographs and other documentation provided by the museum staff. The reports also include notes on the experience of consultation with museums and their staff members and recommendations for future visits, research, and consultation.

Notes on further information required by museums are included in the report and this information is forwarded to them as available. Designated consultants may be contacted where further investigation is needed on objects, tribal territories, or cultural practices.

Following reports to the tribes of materials associated with their tribe or traditional territory, the Committee will assist with filing claims for repatriation.

How is information gathered and stored?

All information and documents, photographs, recordings, etc. are stored in the CITRC office and are available to all participating tribes. JAZ drives and disks allow for transfer of large quantities of information to offices of participating tribes.

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