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National Park Service Grant FY 2000
Due to the successful completion of the FY 1998 NPS Grant, we designed another grant to visit five museum which held significant collections with items subject to possible repatriation to our member tribes. Our first grant provided for visitation to museums in the Southern California area. This new grant included five museums throughout the United States.

The grant project also included the following tasks:

  • Continued database entry of inventories, object identification, and cultural affiliation through continued research

  • Update of the web site describing the development, working methods, and policies of the Cahuilla Inter-Tribal Repatriation Committee

  • Development of an inter-tribal plan for the acquisition, sharing, and storage of repatriated objects

  • Development of a care and treatment plan for cultural objects that will remain in museums

The inter-tribal plan for acquisition, sharing, and storage of repatriated objects is still pending. Tribal elders are conferring and will present recommendations to the committee when a consensus has been reached. This work is continuing beyond the close of the grant period.

The remainder of this grant has been successfully completed and the Committee is making plans for filing of claims for repatriation of objects that meet the NAGPRA criteria.

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